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What is 3D Scanning?
3D scanning is a process which involves taking a physical object (and in our case a person) and accurately measuring it (them). These measurements are translated to millions of x,y,z coordinates in space which together form a point cloud data set of the object (person). This point cloud can then be used to create a 3 dimensional digital model of the subject. Our scanning system is highly advanced, does not use a laser and is a completely safe and non contact system.

What is involved in the studio scanning session?
The process is very similar to having a professional studio photograph taken. Each 3D scan does take slightly longer than a photograph but the whole process will be shorter than a studio photo session as we do not need to take as many images. The process is non invasive and completely safe.

Is it necessary to visit the studio to be scanned?
To achieve the very best results the scanning session should be taken in a professionally lit studio environment, however it is possible for us to create this environment at a location of your choosing if required.

How realistic will the result be?
Using our advanced technology and skilled artistry the 3D digital model will be an accurate and faithful digital representation of the subject. The physical sculpture will also be a true likeness and beautifully finished in the material of choice.

What materials are the sculptures made of?
We provide portrait sculptures in a range of high quality materials, including;
Gypsum based advanced composite. Gypsum based materials have been used for their aesthetic appeal and functionality to create artwork across the millennia, and when polished this material takes on a tactile, translucent, alabaster quality. May also be painted for a contemporary feel.
Clear resin and glass. The movement and flow of the body are emphasized by these mediums, with solidity of form removed and replaced by the suggestion of the transient yet permanent nature of being.
Metal. A number of cold cast and solid cast metal finishes are available including bronze, stainless steel and black nickel.

Please contact us to discuss and view our samples.

What are the prices?
The price of each unique sculpture depends on the choice of material, size and complexity of pose. Some example prices are shown in the galleries. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

What are the sizes of sculptures?
We are able to provide a range of sizes according to your wishes, 20cm in height to 40cm is usual for a bust however. Please contact us to discuss your preference.

When will I receive my sculpture?
We aim to deliver your finished sculpture approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of your studio appointment. However we are sometimes able to fast track this process if needed.

Can I get more than one copy of a particular sculpture?
We can supply as many copies as required in the sizes and material finishes of your choice. There will be a significant reduction in cost for additional pieces.